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"You are like my oxygen, I need you! .. *kisses* Took a breath!-- *kisses again* Took another!"

- a real life guy you all should know.


Well I was most definately a spoilt Princess last night -- though with "spoilt" being said I might add that I am EXTREMELY touched, happy and thankful for being treated to and as such -- via my lovely boyfriend Jeremy.

We celebrated our two months (though in total, minus silly breakups it's about a year and 3 months) AND Valentine's Day last night/today ("SLEEPOVER!!!") by being together and him treating me to the Keg.
Keg + steak = ORGASM..ic.

I was dropped off at his house at around 4 (thanks Dad!) ((and yes I *do* drive but the parents didn't know about the sleepover plan.. fufufufu..)) and at 5 we called a cab and got driven to 8th street. Luckily we got a table in the lounge because about 20 minutes after our arrival there was roughly 60 people in the lobby waiting for tables. Wait time = 1 hour and then some! Sheesh! Keg die-hards.

My sweetheart decided that since he was at the Keg he was going to go all out. We had bread, and calamari as appetizers. Then the main course he had a porterhouse steak with mashed garlic potatoes, deep fried onions and a baked tomatoe slice whilst I had steak and tiger shrimp with the same side dishes. To make it more extravagant he ordered me a chocolate martini (then subsituted for a green apple one since it tasted too strong for me!) while he sipped on a beer and then a Caeser. Afterwards we shared a Billy Miner pie (mocha ice cream cake) and took our time. It was nine by the time we arrived back at his house.
After nearly bursting out of our classy clothes (him all done up in a tie and button up shirt) we cuddled and watched "Accepted" and talked until 2 am before passing out quite blissfully.

This morning I woke him at 10:30ish, we showered, he cooked eggs and toast and then we watched "The Fountain" (really good movie! Super sad though).

Dad came and got me at 4 and I must say it was a day and a half extremely well spent. I had so much fun!! And you can see why I'm a spoilt princess!!!

To make a recap of the week on Friday night Pam, Jeremy and I went out to the Deuce for a friend of Pam's birthday party and then to the Coachmen for Peter's (Jeremy's older brother) 23rd birthday. Had a really good time dancing with both Jeremy and/or Pam at the Deuce too! (Double spoilt weekend alert -- Jer even bought all the drinks and McDonald's afterwards on Friday night!!!)

Other than all of this it's now Feb break and I have all days save my 3 working days a week off. Gonna be good!

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